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How many CBD Gummies Should You Take?

Posted on April 04 2022, By: Nicole Santanello

How many CBD Gummies Should You Take?

CBD gummies are the perfect, natural supplement for people who want an easy way to get their daily dose of cannabinoids. But the question is “ how many CBD gummies should you take”. Usually you'll only need one or two pieces per day! The world of CBD is vast and complex. There's no one-size fits all dose, so take your time finding what works best for you! The good news is with CBD products like CBD gummies, you will not feel a psychoactive effect. The amount of CBD gummies you should take is highly individualized, depending on your weight and potency as well as what ailment(s) are being addressed. When taking CBD gummies, start with low doses and gradually increase the amount of CBD gummies once you are comfortable with how they make your body feel.

Finding The Right CBD Gummies Dosage for You: Most average adults find relief when taking 25mg full spectrum CBD in a single serving. It is recommended to start with 25mg per serving and work your way up to find the right dose for you. 

    1. Weight: You may find other articles giving you a dosing chart based on your weight. Although weight does play a role in how many CBD gummies you should take, it’s not the only factor. Some people are more sensitive to cannabinoids and others are more tolerant. This is because we have an endocannabinoid system that naturally produces cannabinoids. Some people are more deficient in naturally occurring cannabinoids than others.
    2. Full Spectrum CBD VS Isolate CBD: There are three main types of CBD. One type, CBD Isolate is the pure form containing no other compounds from cannabis plants such as terpenes and cannabinoids while full spectrum is an extract with all the cannabinoids in it for added benefits. To decide on how many CBD gummies you should take you will want to consider if the product is isolate or full spectrum. If you are taking a CBD gummy made from CBD isolate, you will need a higher dose such as 100mg. If you are taking a full spectrum CBD gummy, you will feel results with 25mg-50mg per serving since you will have other cannabinoids rather than just CBD.
    3. The severity of your ailment : Out of everything, this is the most important factor to decide how many CBD gummies you should take. For adults who are looking for overall well being, to relax, or to have less stress, a 25mg gummy would be a perfect dose to start. For adults who have chronic pain, have a hard time sleeping, have severe anxiety or any other severe conditions, you will want to take a 50mg dose.


Are CBD Gummies Safe?

CBD gummies are safe as long as you buy them from a reputable source that uses organic grown hemp, natural ingredients, and has third party tests.

Since you are not able to overdose on CBD, you do not have to worry about over consumption. The goal is to find the right dose for you so it is effective but not wasteful.

How Many CBD Gummies Should You Take? 

Depending on the strength of the gummy, start with 25mg and if you don't feel it's working at its full potential, take 50mg. For larger adults or adults with severe ailments, start with 50mg per serving and go up from there.


how many cbd gummies should you take