CBD Distillate

Nicole Santanello

CBD Distillate is a type of full spectrum CBD extract. The distillation process concentrates the cannabinoids to then be added into CBD products.

The process begins by placing raw hemp plant material in a chamber and blasting it with extremely cold (-40 ℉) ethanol. With a blast of extremely cold ethanol, the plant materials are shocked and forced to release their oil which contains a full spectrum of cannabinoids.

The oil is then run through vaporization chambers. This process will separate and remove the ethanol, leaving behind a pure, high-yielding, unrefined extract. Finally, the crude oil gets further refined by being run through a short-path distillation process which leaves an amber/honey-colored CBD distillate ready to use in products.

The technique of short path CBD distillation produces high-quality CBD, but it's limited in both scalability and production capacity. In this process, the boiling flask is used to heat crude oil and is then agitated with a magnetic stirrer. Once the compounds are heated up, they transform into a vapor that rises up and then is chilled back to a liquid using a condensing coil.

The three different “fractions” (main, heads and tails) are collected at the different temperature points in a distillation process. As the oil heats up to make these compounds more volatile through evaporation then they go into separate receiving flasks.

Main Fraction: contains the THC and CBD cannabinoids

Heads Fraction: contains the terpenes and other high volatiles

Tails Fraction: contains other high boiling point cannabinoids

CBD Distillate vs CO2

There are many benefits to using distillate over CO2 extract. For starters, distillate has a cleaner and smoother flavor and is more potent than CO2. CO2 oil has a lower price point and contains more terpenes, however it has a bitter and grassy taste.

The benefits of using CBD distillate

CBD distillate is found in most CBD products including Tinctures, capsules, body butter, roll ons or bath bombs. Because CBD distillate is so concentrated, it is the starting ingredient in each of these products. Taking a product with CBD distillate will offer a smooth taste or smell and be very effective to your ailments. Distillate has a full spectrum of cannabinoids that interact with your endocannabinoids system to help regulate your body.

How can you use CBD distillate oil

Adding CBD products made with CBD distillate to your daily routine can positively impact your health and wellbeing. Full spectrum CBD contains major and minor cannabinoids that have already been activated and can be absorbed into your cells within minutes. Taking CBD distillate can help your joints, stress, sleep and aches.

The best way to use CBD is through a CBD distillate infused tincture. Alive Market’s CBD tincture only has 2 ingredients; CBD distillate and MCT oil. You would take the CBD distillate oil under your tongue for the fastest results.

Where can you buy CBD distillate oil online or in stores near you?

When shopping for CBD products, look at the ingredient list to make sure it has CBD distillate. Alive Market’s CBD distillate is derived from hemp that we grow at our very own farm. It is very common to find CBD distillate that comes from big labs that mix low quality hemp together and make the distillate in bulk. By growing it ourselves, we ensure there are zero pesticides, herbicides, or toxins used on starting material.

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