CBD Dosage Chart (Dosing By Weight)

How much CBD dosage can be tricky to figure out, but with some help, you can find the perfect dose for your needs. This dosage chart can serve as a starting point to help you find the right dosage for your individual needs.

CBD is a non-addictive, natural cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant that provides support for a variety of conditions. It is important to note that everyone's body reacts differently to CBD, so starting with a low dose and increasing as needed is essential.

We've designed this CBD oil chart with right CBD dosage calculator to help you know where to start, how to increase, and how much CBD product is most effective for you.

What Is The Typical Dose Of CBD Product?

The recommended dosage is 20 – 40 mg per serving. However, some people require too much CBD quantities, while others take much less. Finding the dosage that works best for you is essential to achieve the desired results.

Depending on your product's potency, a dose of CBD oil could range from just a few drops to several milliliters of oil. A dose of CBD gummies or capsules can vary between 1-4 pieces. 

The optimal dosage for you will vary depending on several variables, such as:

  • Your size and weight
  • The severity of your condition
  • The quality and strength of CBD
  • Your specific body's metabolism

How Much CBD Is Appropriate For Your Weight

How Much CBD Is Appropriate For Your Weight

Although each person requires a different quantity of CBD, this general guideline will help estimate your dose depending on your weight and the intensity of the desired effects (low, medium, and high strength).

These dosages are estimates, so they shouldn't be used as a substitute for expert medical advice on dosage.

When using CBD for the first time, start with a low-strength dose and gradually increase it over time. You've discovered the ideal quantity for your body when you find an adequate amount.

Calculating the CBD Based on Strength & Weight:

  • Low potency: 1 mg of CBD per 10 pounds (2 mg per 10 kg)
  • Medium potency: 3 mg of CBD per 10 pounds (7 mg per 10 kg)
  • High potency: 6 mg of CBD for every 10 pounds (13 mg per 10 kg)

CBD Calculator dosage chart by potency and weight (in mg)

Your weight and the desired dosage together determine the right CBD dose.

Someone who weighs 100lbs will require a considerably lower dosage than a massive, 200-pound football player. And unlike someone seeking to treat chronic pain, someone seeking minor relief from stress or anxiety won't require a hefty dose.

This dosage chart can help you understand how much CBD varies based on your body weight and desired effect level.

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How Much CBD Oil Should I Use?

How Much CBD Oil Should I Use

The benefits become stronger the more CBD you consume. but, how much CBD oil? Depending on your condition and why you are taking CBD, you may need a relatively higher dose of CBD dosage. Others may only need a moderate CBD dosage to produce noticeable effects.

What are you using CBD for?

What are you using CBD for

The answer to "why you are taking CBD" will guide you toward the correct dose for your specific needs.

Here are sample suggestions for strengths in each condition:

  • Anxiety - High to medium strength
  • Arthritis -Medium to high strength
  • Overall health - Low strength
  • Migraines - Low to high strength
  • Muscle recovery - Moderate to medium strength
  • Motion sickness - Low to medium strength
  • Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) - Low to high strength
  • Trouble getting sleep - Medium to high strength.
  • Weight loss - Low to medium strength

CBD Dosage: (4 Steps to the Optimal Dose)

Use the CBD dosage chart above to determine your "low strength" dose for your weight to determine your ideal dosage. Alternatively, you can use the equations mentioned above to find the perfect dose based on your weight.

You can progressively increase the dosage daily until you feel the desired effects or symptom relief. If you feel groggy or sluggish, reduce the dose until you feel the benefits without any side effects.

If you've never used CBD oil, never start at high strength.

Follow these 4 steps listed below to improve your dosing accuracy even further.

Step 1: Determine Your Ideal CBD Dose

Finding the best CBD beginning dose is the first step. (Based on your weight)

The general guideline for CBD oil dosage according to weight and strength is as follows:

Step 2: Determine Your CBD Oil's Potency

The amount you'll need to consume CBD, to achieve the ideal dosage depends on the potency of the CBD oil you're using.

For instance, if you have a low-potency product that only has 150 mg of CBD per 30ml, you will need ten times as much oil to achieve a given dose of CBD as if you had a high-potency oil with 1500mg of CBD per 30ml.

You will want to know the CBD content of each milliliter of oil to determine how much CBD you are getting per serving.

Occasionally, producers will make things very simple for you by showing the amount of CBD per milliliter of oil on the label. Sometimes this information isn't given, but you can figure out the formula to determine an oil's concentration on your own.

What You Need to Consider Is This:

1. Size of the bottle (in mL)

2. CBD dosage indicated on the bottle (300 mg, 750 mg, 1500 mg, etc.)

Use the Following Formula to Determine Potency:


I'll give you an example.

CBD oil produced by Alive Market contains 3000 milligrams per bottle. The bottle weighs two ounces (60 mL).

Let's include this in our equation:

[3000 MG] / [60 ML] = 50mg/ML CBD

Answer: 50 mg CBD for every 1 mL of liquid.

Knowing the oil's strength allows you to calculate how much you will need to take to receive a particular dose.

To get a dose of 25 milligrams of CBD, for instance, take 0.5 milliliters of oil, which conveniently equates to half a dropper. Take 0.25ml for 12.5mg. Take 1.5 droppers for 75 mg, and so on forth.

CBD Dosage Chart By Size of Bottle by Alive Market

Step 3: Dose Per Drops

You can also convert your dose into drops to make dosing simpler. Depending on its effectiveness, you may need more drops to achieve the desired dosage.

Understanding the CBD oil dose in drops vs ML is helpful when working with high potency CBD oils. It's also beneficial if you use CBD oil on children or pets because even minor dosage adjustments can significantly impact the effect.

To get the CBD dosage per drop: Divide the amount per mL by 30, as most droppers dispense 30 drops for every milliliter of oil.

Here is the equation:


Using the 300mg of CBD oil in 12mL from our previous example. Given that there were 30 drops per 1 mL and that the oil's potency was 25 mg per mL, we may divide this amount by 30 to determine the CBD dose per drop as follows:


Standard CBD Oil Doses By Drop (Assuming the Dropper Provides 30 Drops per mL):


CBD Dosage Chart / Drop by Alive Market

CBD Dosage Calculator and the Amount of CBD Oil You Need Using Your Target Dose:

These CBD oil dosage charts can be used to calculate the number of drops required to deliver the desired dosage.

Simply divide the total dose by the strength per CBD oil drop to determine the precise number of drops required to receive your CBD dose.


Using the example above, the calculation would look like this:

(50 mg) Ă· (0.8 MG/DROP) = 62 Drops of CBD Oil

Step 4: Modify the Dose to Suit Your Needs

The CBD dosage chart outlined above will assist you in determining the appropriate CBD dosage required to achieve your desired effect based on your body weight and the severity of your symptoms.

This step focuses on beginning with your starting CBD dosage and gradually increasing it daily until you find the right amount for you.

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Can You Take Too Much CBD? The quick answer is NO. Determining the Best CBD Dosage for You is now attainable. That's it! You now have the best CBD dosage chart to reference the next time you need to take CBD. Be sure to comment below and let us know how this correct CBD dosage chart works for you. And, as always, if you have any questions about anything related to CBD, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Disclaimer: CBD products are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment of any ailment.  As individual needs vary, always check with a licensed professional regarding medical treatment.

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