CBD May Help Against COVID19 Virus

Have you heard the good news about the plant based superfood called CBD? It's no surprise that CBD may help against Covid 19 Virus but recent studies have proven this! New research has found that compounds found in cannabis and CBD might have protective benefits against COVID-19, according to a recent study.

These new findings will shed light on alternative and plant based treatments to fight against this global pandemic.


The Science

To fully understand how CBD may help against Covid 19 Virus you will need to understand the science behind the research. First, the researchers used a powerful microscope called an affinity selection-mass spectrometer. It identifies the shape of molecules and how they target and bind to your body's cells. When they looked at the virus in more detail, they found that it had an unusual spike protein shape which binds to certain receptors on our lungs. However, they also found that cannabinoids in hemp and cannabis such as CBD called cannabinoid acids have this similar protein shape. The cannabinoid acids block the SARS-CoV2 proteins from entering human cells, making it harder to become infected. The scientists also discovered that cannabinoid acids can block the alpha variant and beta variant of Covid19.


In Summary

Since cannabinoids are known for their binding properties, CBD may help against Covid 19 Virus from entering human cells. This type of protein that cannabis and covid 19 share can only bind to one receptor at a time. If the COVID-19 virus is blocked from binding to cells, it cannot cause infection.

Of course, more research is needed and you will want to follow other precautions that are necessary. Maybe you will consider adding CBD oil to your daily routine for not only immunity, but for inflammation, stress or sleep.

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