Oregon Guava - Organic CBD Flower

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    Overall users experience a “serenity now” state of mind. Mellowing and relaxing nighttime use.

    Aroma: Ripe tropical guava fades to hints of citrus.

    Bud Structure: Medium density buds with light green highlights and golden pistils.

    Feelings: Overall users experience a “serenity now” state of mind. Mellowing and relaxing nighttime use.

    Cannabinoid Profile: Total 15.42% CBD | 0.63% THC |0.04% Delta 9|0.19% CBGA

    Total Terpenes: 2.68% | Top three in order of dominance (beta-Myrcene | Pinene |trans-Caryophyllene)

    Year: Sungrown 2020

    Genetics: (ACDC x Sour Tsunami) Sativa Hybrid - East Fork Cultivars

    Manicure: Our premium CBD hemp flower is sought after for its nose, color, and potency. Every harvest, we reserve the best top colas to be cut and hung in our greenhouses using traditional cannabis drying methods. After the flower is suitably dry, we hand buck the flower into terpene bags for curing. Those bags will be turned and burped for several weeks. Once fully cured, we run CBD flower through 2 trimming machines. Finally, trimmed A and B flower is separated from smalls. Sugar leaf trim is separated for extraction. Our hand trimmed service is machine trimmed flower with hand trim finish and available on select cultivars.

    CBD flower is the bud or flower of the female hemp plant. First, hemp in definition is cannabis sativa L. specific strains that are high in CBD and less than 0.3% THC. The hemp plant has natural cannabinoids including CBD that when consumed reacts in our own endocannabinoid system. There are different parts on the hemp plant, similar to any other plant that mother nature has created. The roots, stalk, leaves and the flower. So, what is flower? The flower on the hemp plant are the dense buds that bloom from the stalks and have a few leaves bursting from the sides. When harvested, the entire plant is dried and cured to perfection, the stalks are removed, and the leaves are trimmed off. The remaining hemp flower is the finished product, that’s right, no manufacturing, extracting or manipulating just simply dried, cured and trimmed.


    How To Use CBD Flower

    CBD flower is mostly recognized as being smokable. The raw cannabinoids are activated by heat, so smoking hemp flower is a fast and effective way to consume hemp flower! BUT, smoking isn’t for everyone, luckily there are many ways to benefit from CBD flower! Other than lighting up a hemp preroll, hemp flower can be used for cooking! consuming hemp flower through cooking or baking has the same benefits as using any other CBD products except you are in control of dosing and quality now! You can make your own CBD infused butter or coconut oil that you can use to cook any meal to enjoy the benefits of CBD. Add the raw flower to your daily smoothies to enhance your performance! Grind up some raw flower and season your favorite entree for a savory taste.

    Does CBD Flower Have To Be Heated to Work?

    Short answer, NO! There is a difference between CBDa and CBD. CBDa is when the cannabinoid is not activated. When you activate CBDa it turns into CBD. Simply put, they are the same cannabinoid in a different form. To activate CBDa and turn it into CBD, you need to decarboxylate it by heating it. You can do this by smoking it or for cooking you will want to first bake the raw hemp flower in the oven at 240 degrees for 60 minutes before using it to make a butter or add it to a meal.

    CBDa, when left non-activated has different benefits than CBD. Keeping CBDa in its raw form by consuming it without heat will be beneficial in ways that activated CBD can’t be. Similar to raw carrots vs cooked carrots, you will want to make that decision based on your health needs and preference.


    Does Hemp CBD Flower Make me "High"?

    Intoxicating? No! Consuming CBD flower will not make you feel intoxicated. The intoxicating cannabinoid, THC, is still less than 0.3% and will not give you an intoxicating feeling. Consumers have said they feel like weight has been lifted off their shoulders, they smile more than usual and are more patient with whatever it is they're dealing with. There is a lot to feel when consuming hemp CBD flower, intoxication won’t be one of those!


    Why Alive Market CBD Flower?

    Those of you who have been following Alive Market for the last few years know we don't mess around with quality, clean inputs and being environment friendly. We take many steps before bringing a new product to our catalog and we took our time on the hemp flower we provide!

    Pesticide, Herbicide, Chemical FREE: We're talking about smoking and eating this plant! Alive Market CBD flowers have zero chemicals used during the cultivation, drying and packaging process. You don't have to worry about it because we have a full lab results posted to ensure there is no B.S. in our hemp flower!

    Not all CBD flower is the same: It’s hard to tell if a CBD tincture is better than the other because it looks the same! Hemp flower, on the other hand, is purely art. From plant to dried buds, you can actually see the quality in our hemp flower. Bright green, orange and purple dense buds with a coating of healthy trichomes that sparkle. The smell is fresh and potent with an instant uplifting feeling just by smelling it. The taste is fresh and clean with a savory and a bit spicy aftertaste. The structure is tight and dense and easy to peel apart. Best of all, the effects are uplifting, creative and clear minded to benefit you in the best way possible.

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