Benefits Of CBD Massage

Massage therapy has long been praised for its multiple benefits regarding self-care, relaxation, and wellness. In the past few years, however, the massage world has grown far beyond the traditional techniques used by traditional therapists. For example, CBD massages are a new type of massage that uses a new technique. 

When Cannabidiol (CBD) topicals are added to a therapeutic massage, they unlock many benefits that aren't possible with other methods or services. 

From reducing anxiety and stress levels to stimulating circulation, calming inflammation, and promoting overall body-mind alignment, this powerful fusion offers enhanced mental clarity, rejuvenation, and physical relief. 

Read on to find out the benefits of CBD massage and why adding CBD to your subsequent therapy could be a good choice you won't regret.

What is a massage?

A lady having a massage.

A massage is a treatment that helps people feel better by moving their muscles and tendons. The goal of a massage is to calm the body, ease tension, and make it work better. Massage therapists use their hands, knuckles, fists, forearms, and elbows to loosen tight muscles and make you feel good. 

Massage is a great way to eliminate chronic pain, improve circulation, and make your body healthier overall. It is usually done in the privacy of a spa or at the office of a professional massage therapist, but you can also get a massage in the comfort of your own home. 

Massage is a great way to deal with stress during physical activity routines and keep your performance at its best.

How come others feel pain after a massage?

A lady having pain after a massage.

When we get a massage, our bodies may feel sore or hurt. People who have never had a massage before are often surprised by this, but the truth is that this kind of pain is widespread after a massage. When you get a massage, your muscles can become so relaxed that they need time to get back to their average level of tension slowly. 

When this re-adjustment goes through its ups and downs, your muscles will likely feel tender, which can sometimes be painful. Still, this pain shouldn't last too long and go away as the limbs and muscles slowly get used to their new state of relaxation.

To learn more about relieving pain after a massage, click here.

What is CBD?

CBD oil in a bottle.

CBD is a cannabinoid compound found in cannabis plants. Many users may associate it with marijuana, but it works differently than the THC in marijuana, which causes the "high." Instead, CBD has various benefits, such as reducing inflammation and helping to manage pain. 

It can also manage tension and stress and act as a mood stabilizer. It calms the nervous system by interacting with the endocannabinoid receptors already in the brain. 

As research continues to understand the effects of CBD, more potential benefits are being discovered, from treating epileptic seizures to managing anxiety. With these positive results, doctors increasingly suggest using CBD for its therapeutic advantages.

Can CBD be used for massage?

More and more people are using CBD as a natural treatment for a wide range of physical and mental problems, so it shouldn't be a surprise that it can also help when used in massage. 

As researchers learn more about the possible benefits of CBD-infused massage, some people are starting to use it to relieve stress all over their bodies. 

CBD makes endocannabinoids, which help our nervous system communicate with other parts of our bodies. CBD could help keep our bodies and minds in balance and help us stay healthy. 

If used while someone is getting a massage, it may add an extra layer of relief and relaxation that could lead to tangible benefits after the massage. If you want to try something new the next time you go to the spa, you could add CBD to your massage.

How does it feel to have a CBD massage?

When you massage CBD into your skin, it could feel like a cloud of soothing relief is rolling over it. After you use it, you may feel any knots in your muscles untangle and feel relaxation spread quickly through your body. 

Using small circular motions while massaging can help the CBD oil get deep into the tissues and even stay in the joint capsules so that the effects last longer. Massage with CBD can also improve blood flow and keep the skin hydrated. 

What are some benefits of CBD massage?

A CBD massage could be the perfect way to relax, unwind, and restore well-being. Massage therapists can incorporate CBD oil into their practice, allowing the many benefits of CBD to combine with the effects of the massage itself. 

The combination of therapeutic and natural health benefits of incorporating CBD into massage will have the following impacts:

  • It helps ease chronic pain

a person having a massage.

    CBD massages are great for people with pain that doesn't go away. It is because it has been shown that CBD is a great way to deal with pain. CBD massage has cannabinoids that help reduce inflammation and relax muscles. Because of this, it works very well to ease pain in joints and muscles. CBD massages can help people with chronic joint, back, and other pain. You might feel the effects in just a few minutes, lasting several hours.

    • It helps manage stress and anxiety

    You could also benefit from a CBD oil massage if you often feel anxious or stressed. CBD oil has been praised for its ease of anxiety, and a massage could be the best way to use it.

    The reason is that CBD makes you feel calm and relaxed without making you high. Even without CBD, a massage will help you relax. With CBD, it's a match made in heaven. A CBD massage can calm you and ease your mind for up to two hours.

    • It helps reduce tension

    a lady having a back massage.

      One of the main reasons people get massages is to relieve stress and tension in their bodies. Cannabinoids in CBD massage help to do this for both the body and the mind. It is because the cannabinoids in CBD enter our endocannabinoid system through our skin, which helps to ease and relax our muscles. Since it doesn't have THC, which makes marijuana work, it won't get you high. That means you won't feel high for the rest of the day but will still feel relaxed from the massage.

      • It helps boost your mood

      If you've ever had a massage, it makes you feel good both during and after. It calms your body and mind and helps you forget your worries to enjoy the present. Combined with CBD, this takes the experience to a new level and makes it much more fun. After the massage, your skin will be smoother, and your muscles will be more relaxed. You will also feel less anxious or stressed in general. All of these things combined provide a significant mood boost.

      • It helps stimulate the senses

      a lady having a good body massage.

        A CBD massage is a great way to connect with your body and uniquely stimulates your senses. When you get a massage, your skin, muscles, and mind are all stimulated. It makes you feel great. You'll feel closer to your body, and it can help you feel more awake and refreshed. We need to spend more time connecting with ourselves and living in the moment because we live in such a fast-paced world. A CBD massage is a great way to do this, and you should consider getting one regularly.

        • It helps improve skin conditions

        You might not know this, but CBD is a great way to keep your skin soft. CBD massage has hemp, which is good for the skin and makes it soft and supple. Not only does this help you feel better and more relaxed after the massage, but it can also help with skin problems. It can help people with skin conditions like eczema, acne, or dry skin. It is also because CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that will calm the skin and make some skin problems less painful. There are few side effects; if other treatments haven't worked, you should consider them.

        What is the best CBD for massage to rip out the most benefits?

        When it comes to finding the perfect CBD for massage, you want something that can provide your body with relief and a feeling of healing. Here are some of Alive Market's CBD product line

        for topicals:

        Alive Market's CBD-infused body butter

        Alive Market's CBD-infused body butter is perfect for a more therapeutic massage experience. The CBD oil used in this product is full spectrum, providing a greater spectrum of cannabinoid components known to fight inflammation, alleviate pain and relax tight muscles. 

        Moreover, the body butter produces an ultra-hydrating effect, leaving skin soft and smooth after every massage. Thanks to its high-quality CBD concentration and natural ingredients like shea butter and coconut oil, Alive Market's Full Spectrum CBD Body Butter will elevate your massage sessions to the next level!

        Alive Market's Full Spectrum CBD & Goat Milk Lotion

        Alive Market's Full Spectrum CBD & Goat Milk Lotion is the perfect remedy for deep relaxation and sensational nourishment. Blending CBD extracted from hemp flowers with organic, U.S.-sourced goat milk, the lotion is packed with vitamins and minerals to promote healthy skin. 

        Enjoy a luxurious treat today with Alive Market's Full Spectrum CBD & Goat Milk Lotion! Optimized for massage, the lotion will have you feeling calm and soothed within minutes of applying it to your skin. It is also cruelty-free, so you can use it to feel good inside and out, knowing that no animals are harmed.


        We have seen the many benefits of CBD massage, from relaxation to pain relief to a boost in skin health. No many wonder people use this natural remedy for their aches and pains. 

        Increasingly, more and more spas offer these treatments, making them even more accessible. Whether you're just looking for an hour of relaxation or seeking relief from chronic pain and skin ailments, a CBD massage could be the answer. 

        Its powerful blend of therapeutic effects and natural healing abilities makes it easy to see why many people embrace CBD massage without hesitation! 

        So don't hesitate: to make the most of what natural medicine has to offer by booking an appointment with a certified CBD-specialized therapist today!


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