Do You Build Up a Tolerance To CBD ?

Have you ever heard of building up a high tolerance to different compounds and products? specifically tolerance to CBD? With the increasing prevalence of the CBD industry in the consumer markets, it's only natural to wonder if its effects will diminish over time due to our bodies getting used to or building up a CBD oil tolerance - much like how we build up resistance to medications prescribed for medical conditions. 

In this blog post, we'll take an in-depth look at what type of changes can manifest when using CBD regularly and whether or not CBD users need to worry about developing CBD tolerance towards it. Get ready as we dive deep into the world of hemp and cannabis compounds that impact our physical well-being!

What exactly is CBD tolerance?

Tolerance is a broad term that can be used in many different situations. Regarding the human body, tolerance is the body's ability to get used to a substance or its effects or become less sensitive to them, especially after repeated use or exposure. In this context, CBD tolerance is the body's ability to become less sensitive to the effects of CBD with continued use.

It's important to note that developing CBD tolerance isn't necessarily bad, as it can be essential for some people who need higher doses of CBD to achieve their desired results. However, if you're new

It is a complicated process that is looked at from many different angles. There are three primary levels of tolerance, which can be grouped as follows: metabolic, cellular, and behavioral. 

Metabolic tolerance is the body's ability to process and break down CBD oil more quickly, requiring higher doses for the same effects. Cellular tolerance refers to how cells become less responsive to cannabinoids over time as they become desensitized. Finally, behavioral tolerance pertains to a psychological adaptation in which people require increased dosages of CBD to achieve the desired results. 

It's important to note that developing a CBD tolerance isn't necessarily bad, as it can be essential for some people who need higher doses of CBD to achieve their desired results. However, if you're new to using CBD or have only been using it for a short period of time, then you should start with a lower dose and build up your

How long does it take to build a CBD tolerance?

The amount of time it takes to build a tolerance to CBD can vary significantly. Generally, it takes about 2-6 months to develop a basic CBD tolerance build. This is why starting with lower doses and gradually increasing your dosage over time is essential. Regular tolerance break from CBD (such as every other day) may help you maintain your tolerance. 

It's important to remember that everyone responds differently to CBD and that establishing an appropriate level of CBD tolerance may take some trial and error. It's also important to listen to your body and be aware of potential side effects when taking CBD. If you experience adverse effects, decrease your dosage or discontinue use if necessary. 

Possible reasons you build a tolerance to CBD

Tolerance to CBD is a phenomenon that various individuals may face, with several potential underlying causes.

When the human body becomes less effective in metabolizing a chemical, metabolic tolerance sets in.

When you take CBD, there is a chance that it will stop working. This is happening for several reasons, Here listed are some of which why CBD tolerance occurs:

  • Wrong dosage

    It's essential to find the correct dose and slowly increase it, watch how your body reacts, and make changes as needed. Keeping track of how much CBD you take is both helpful and essential.

    • Method of CBD Consumption

    A woman holding a can of CBD gummies.
      The way CBD is ingested can impact how quickly you build a tolerance to CBD develops. Certain delivery methods might not facilitate efficient absorption, hastening the onset of tolerance to CBD.
      • Poor quality CBD products

        The use of lower-quality or isolate CBD products can also play a role on how rapid you build a tolerance to CBD. These products may require higher doses to achieve desired effects, expediting the development of tolerance to CBD.

        • Genetic Factors

        A group of person smiling.

          Everyone's unique genetic makeup can influence the speed and extent to which they build a tolerance to CBD. Different genetics mean varied reactions and rates of metabolizing CBD, leading to diverse rates of tolerance development.

          Why does THC tolerance happen but not CBD?

          THC is another cannabinoid that is found in the cannabis plant. It is a "psychoactive" compound that can get you "high." People taking THC for medical or fun reasons often have to keep upping their dose to get the same effects.

          So why does THC tolerance happen but CBD does not? How these molecules attach to our cannabinoid receptors found in the central nervous system and endocannabinoid system is part of the answer.

          Endocannabinoid system to maintain equilibrium (homeostasis) between all crucial bodily activities

          Studies have shown that regular use of THC may make the CB1 cannabinoid found in the endocannabinoid system receptors less sensitive, which can lead to tolerance. Over time, THC can activate fewer and fewer CB1 receptors, which makes the same dose less effective.

          CBD may bind in a slightly different way to the same cannabinoid receptors as THC (found in the endocannabinoid system). The structure of the two molecules is almost the same, except that THC has a cyclic ring, and CBD has a hydroxyl group. One can only guess that this structural difference makes them act differently on CB1 receptors.

          What is a CBD Dependence?

          CBD dependence stands distinct from tolerance to CBD, representing another facet of the body's response to extended CBD usage. While tolerance to CBD refers to the body's diminished response to the cannabinoid over time, CBD dependency emerges when your body grows accustomed to the continuous presence of CBD, similar to substances like caffeine.

          With CBD dependency, your body has integrated the cannabinoid into its regular functioning, leading to potential mild withdrawal symptoms upon the cessation of use. The symptoms manifest as the body adjusts to the absence of CBD, highlighting the body's adaptation and reliance on it over prolonged periods.

          It's crucial to understand these dynamics to navigate and manage CBD usage effectively, ensuring it brings about the desired therapeutic effects without unwanted dependence.

           What Is CBD Reverse Tolerance

          CBD reverse tolerance, or hypersensitivity, is a unique phenomenon that stands in contrast to the traditional understanding of tolerance. In cases of reversal tolerance to CBD, individuals find themselves becoming increasingly sensitive to the effects of CBD with each use.

          Rather than needing higher doses to achieve the same effects – a hallmark of traditional tolerance – those experiencing reverse tolerance to cannabidiol
          will notice more pronounced effects even with smaller amounts of CBD. This peculiar aspect means that over time, individuals may require lower doses of CBD to achieve the desired therapeutic outcomes.

          Understanding reverse tolerance for CBD is essential for optimal dosage management, ensuring individuals can effectively tailor their CBD usage for maximum benefit while minimizing intake.

          Tips on how to prevent CBD tolerance from happening

          Tolerance occurs when your body gradually loses sensitivity to a substance over a period of time. This process is observed with various compounds including THC and caffeine. On the other hand, dependence is characterized by the emergence of withdrawal symptoms, which can manifest physically and emotionally.

          These symptoms can vary in severity, including mild effects like headaches and mood swings, or severe and potentially fatal consequences such as depression, vomiting, heart failure, and lethal overdose.

          If you think you're getting used to CBD, it's essential to follow these steps:

          • Consuming CBD every other day instead of daily

          Consuming CBD every other day will reset your system and help you get the same effects as before. It's also an excellent way to have a tolerance break and  to prevent the body from getting used to it. Many users will not feel the withdrawal symptoms effect.

          • Adjust the dose

          Sometimes, going back to the lowest possible dose of CBD and then slowly increasing it can help you feel the effects of CBD again. The most important thing is not to take too much.

          • Change how you consume your CBD

          You should consider changing how you take CBD. There are different ways to take CBD, affecting the body differently. Switching between topicals, edibles, and oils can help prevent your body from building up a tolerance.

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          We hope this article was helpful to all CBD users and those who wants to try CBD for the first time. CBD tolerance building is still something that scientists are looking into. If this is happening to you with any product that contains CBD, use this article as a guide to learn how CBD tolerance works, what can cause it, and how to deal with it to make your CBD work better. While others may develop tolerance more rapidly than others, it may take other people a little longer.

          The safety and effectiveness of CBD use in a variety of serving quantities have been repeatedly shown. The World Health Organization states that CBD generally has a good safety profile and is well tolerated. The easiest way to find the CBD product that best suits your needs is to experiment with serving sizes and administration techniques. 

          This is also a useful exercise in learning to pay closer attention to how your body feels and responds. Like any other natural supplements, always get medical advice before consuming CBD, especially if it could interact adversely with any other medications.

          Even though CBD works well for most people, you should still only buy CBD products from high-quality manufacturers and distributors with good reputations like Alive Market CBD. Also, remember how significant the amount of CBD products you are taking or planning to take is. If you have any questions about the CBD industry, please don't hesitate to contact our team of experts. 

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