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Cannabis Derived Terpenes

Posted on November 08 2021, By: Nicole Santanello

cannabis derived terpenes

If you have used CBD in any capacity, you may have noticed that it has a certain smell to it. That unique smell is directly attributed to the terpenes contained in cannabis and hemp. So when you have CBD derived from hemp or cannabis, it is most likely to contain cannabis derived terpenes. So that also means it may also produce that unique smell or at least a hint of it.

What are Cannabis Derived Terpenes?

Cannabis derived terpenes are so much more than just what gives cannabis its aroma. Cannabis derived terpenes are in the same glands that produce CBD. As a result, different varieties of cannabis have a distinct smell about them. Some fall more on the citrus or berry side, and others are more like pine or mint.

Plants have a natural purpose for some terpenes. They have a protective quality to them. They aid in recovery when plants are damaged. They are a protective agent for the immune system of the plant, which keeps germs at bay. Terpenes act as a repellant to insects or other predators. Terpenes can also attract something that will pollinate and fertilize it.

Cannabis derived terpenes are what helps to differentiate the strains of cannabis. In addition, some cannabis derived terpenes help provide a sense of relaxation and reduced stress. Others allow you feel more focused.

There have been more than 100 different terpenes identified in cannabis. Every strain of cannabis has a unique type of terpene. Factors such as weather, climate, soil, and age impact the type of cannabis derived terpenes that develop in a plant.

Cannabis Derived Terpenes Benefits

Cannabis Derived terpenes provide more to you than just an aromatic experience. Some believe taking a deep breath and simply inhaling terpenes brings about a sense of relaxation and calm. Terpenes are commonly found in essential oils and are the reason why they have a strong smell.

When various terpenes are combined, it is believed that they provide even more therapeutic value. Cannabis derived terpenes are thought to enhance the effects that CBD delivers to you. Terpenes are helpful in relaxing you so that you are able to sleep better. They are also what helps to relieve discomfort and help you feel better.

Common Cannabis Derived Terpenes

There are some commonly known cannabis derived terpenes that you probably did not know that is what they are. Only a handful of terpenes have been studied, even though there are hundreds of them.

The list of common cannabis derived terpenes includes:


Limonene is a cannabis derived terpenes commonly recognized by its smell. It has a citrus smell, like a lemon or orange rind. It is considered an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. In addition, limonene helps to control the way specific immune cells act, which can help the body protect itself from many conditions.


This cannabis derived terpenes is abundant and gives many plants their scent. This terpene is found in basil, rosemary, and pine needles. It is found in two forms: a-pinene and b-pinene. Some believe the scent is so therapeutic that they take strolls through a forest to soak in the scent. They believe the smell is refreshing and helps you feel revitalized. It also allows you to bring more air into your lungs because it helps relax your airways and the muscles in your lungs.


Linalool is the terpene that gives lavender its fantastic fragrance. This essential oil has been used in aromatherapy for a long time. It brings calm and relaxation to those who use it. It has been noted to reduce anxious feelings, reduce swelling, and boost moods.


This cannabis derived terpenes is found in thyme, lemongrass, mango, and hops. The flower of the cannabis plant also contains myrcene. This terpene presents a spicy, peppery, and balsam scent. It is thought to have antioxidant and calming effects. The strain of myrcene has either Sativa or Indica effects. The Sativa strain has less than 0.5 percent of myrcene. It is thought to have an energizing effect on the body, which can help you feel more focused. The Indica strain has more than 0.5 percent of myrcene and has more relaxing qualities that can help reduce anxious feelings and stress.